Thank you so much Denise I will be forever in your debt

Yes I would absolutely recommend Denise Inspired. She is inspirational, motivational AND she knows her stuff. From a three day course with Denise I’ve pivoted my 1-1 service based business into an online one I have met some amazing contacts and enrolled in a two year business growth program. She has inspired and motivated me to get out of my own way and do what I was dreaming of so thank you so much Denise I will be forever in your debt.

Sarah McNamee,  Angel Hair and Makeup

Denise is changing my life!

In a couple of weeks, she has already propelled me forward. Her coaching style and course is warm and encouraging, but it is strategic and concise at the same time. I feel very lucky and very blessed to have found her course and am so excited to see what will happen in my great pivot of 2020. I would recommend Denise’s courses to anyone who wants to be inspired and driven forward and achieve tangible business results. 100 stars.

Helen McNulty

Denise is a down to earth girl who just gets it. So glad we connected. I look forward to our chats and find her energy both inspiring and energising

Matt Donaldson

Denise is a brilliant trainer!

I completed wordpress training with her and she made it so simple to understand…no jargon. The course was specifically targeted to my needs so that I was able to easily maintain my own website. I’d highly recommend Denise’s training to anyone in business.

Maureen Christopher

Brilliant mastermind today.

very informative.Denise is so natural and so approachable, her knowledge of social media is amazing. No question was not answered even ones that you felt where silly by all of us attending today. Very well worth it for any small business
Thank you Denise

Amy Kelly

She is incredibly helpful and has great insights into how social media works

Sean McCarthy

Very informative, I highly recommend a meeting with Denise!

Marco Gadler

Had a great day at the course, Denise was great and answered all our questions. I highly recommend her course.

Angelo De Francesco

Would highly recommend the mastermind class with Denise. Packed full of tips and information about online advertising would definitely do it again

Ryan Brophy

Denise taught me everything that is required, she definitely over delivered on value.

This book will change your perspective on life

And this is WHY I recommend Denise and The 12 weeks Authority Builder program 100%
During the last edition of The Authority Builder program I learnt in an easy way all about social media and how to first of all, use them, starting from the baby steps to how to effectively sell online, communicate with people so that I can gain meaningful followers, who engage with my offer and my perfect customers can find me easier and quicker.
Denise taught me everything that is required, she definitely over delivered on value. Now I can build my business and brand online quicker and easier, because I know how. I saved an immense amount of time on figuring out HOW TO !! In a nutshel, Denise taught me how to clear and build my message, how to present it so that I can confidently use social media to grow my brand and business.
I KNOW all DO`s and DONT`s so that I can make the best decisions on how to create my brand, image and business effectively in social media to achieve the results that I want.
How to sell on social media without direct selling!!
How to plan my presence in social media
How to create content and present it in social media.
How to gain engagement from the people that are truly interested in the content that I am creating
How everything works
I also met ammazing courageous business people who I am grateful for all the support
The benefits are endless and this is only the beggining
Therefore, I recommend Denise and The Authority Builder 100%

Aneta Trybuszewska